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Design For Mankind

One of my new favorite blogs is Design For Mankind.  They have a category called “Roadmaps: A Guide to Creative Pursuit” which is very helpful.  It includes not only inspiration, but also has advice and information to give readers the motivation to live out their dreams.   So much fun!


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I love this Burda Seaside Accessories pattern! How cute is the tent?

You can buy this pattern from Fabric.com for only $7.98 AND the sewing level is easy!

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My obsession today is checking out www.quamut.com, a site that is “the go to how to”.  It gives you professionally written how-tos on all kinds of things.  So far I have been learning how to: read music, write a song, write beautiful calligraphy, quilt, start a nonprofit, use InDesign, and finally this Christmas, I will know how to properly wrap a present.  So helpful!

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I was so glad to read the spring BARNEYS BABBLES by Simon Doonan, where he suggests picking up a used copy of the book Color Me Beautiful.  I have owned a copy for several years, but did not find my season and follow the guidelines until this year.  I try to keep the suggestions in mind, but I don’t let it rule me.  It does help you to edit immediately when you are out shopping, and Doonan says the knowledge of your own season will help you navigate all of the colors and prints this season.  You can pick up a copy of Color Me Beautiful on Amazon and read the BARNEYS BABBLES on the Barneys site.  Perfect!

Images from barneys.com

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If you are still keeping your new year’s resolutions but need a little boost, the book Skinny Bitch is sure to help you make healthy choices.   Written by Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman, the book (which was released in 2005) is very straight forward and feels like your friends are giving you advice.  Now the writers have created a cookbook called Skinny Bitch in the Kitch, which features vegan recipes.  Check out the books online here at Amazon.com.  A new book, named Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven (for pregnant women), will be released later in the year.  There are mixed reviews about the cookbook, so it is best to read the original book than to just jump into the recipes.  With so many diets out there, I recommend Skinny Bitch because it has been the most effective for me and it makes common sense.  I can’t wait until bathing suit season!

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I just finished reading an article where Leslie Day, author of Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City, answered questions from readers that ranged from the Hudson freezing over to a hawk that lives on Fifth Avenue and is named Pale Male.  It is so interesting to learn about the nature in the city instead of the man made creations.  I think this book would make a great present for the so many people that love the city (HINT HINT to my boyfriend!).

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1st Dibs


I am embarrassed to tell this because it seems like I would have known, but I just discovered the website 1st Dibs from Villa Anna’s blog.  It is an online flea market of really really fine antiques and vintage furniture and lighting.  I snapped a couple of pics just to show a few of their offerings.  It is hard to find stores with this much quality inventory, so it is nice for us that like to browse and learn about design;  AND, I love this message from 1st Dibs:

All pictures-1st Dibs

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