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Today, as part of the CineVegas Film Festival, my boyfriend and I watched the documentary titled Chelsea on the Rocks from filmmaker Abel Ferrara. We both loved it before we even saw it because it is based on the famous Hotel Chelsea in New York City. Also, the movie was shown at Cannes, so I figured it was worthy of watching. In my opinion, there could have been some improvements (such as labeling who the speakers were, cutting out some recreated scenes), but the information from the interviews in the film cannot be found elsewhere, so that makes it a winner in my eyes.

Some background on the Hotel Chelsea from its own website: “The hotel has always been a center of artistic and bohemian activity and it houses artwork created by many of the artists who have visited. The hotel was the first building to be listed by New York City as a cultural preservation site and historic building of note. The twelve-story red-brick building that now houses the Hotel Chelsea was built in 1883 as a private apartment cooperative that opened in 1884; it was the tallest building in New York until 1899. At the time Chelsea, and particularly the street on which the hotel was located, was the center of New York’s Theater District. However, within a few years the combination of economic worries and the relocation of the theaters bankrupted the Chelsea cooperative. In 1905, the building was purchased and opened as a hotel.

Owing to its long list of famous guests and residents, the hotel has an ornate history, both as a birth place of creative modern art and home of bad behavior.”

The documentary focused on telling stories of past and current residents, who are now facing eviction from new management and the hotel being turned into a boutique hotel (which is pretty much what has happened since the filming last fall). I had heard a lot about this debate of the hotel not being a haven for creative people anymore, and I enjoyed the movie because it gave me enough information to form my own opinion about what I think is best. Most surprising was how nice the hotel looked. The Victorian Gothic architecture creates a unique atmosphere, which I cannot wait to visit-which I am glad I have waited because now knowing so much of the pop culture history that has taken place there, I can appreciate it more.

Photos from hotelchelsea.com


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Costa Rica

Ha-I went MIA for awhile (not sure anyone even noticed, but oh well). I went on a work/vacay trip with my boyfriend to Costa Rica for a poker tournament that was part of the Latin American Poker Tour. I did my usual thing and looked for creative inspiration everywhere. It wasn’t too hard to find. I read that the city of San Jose doesn’t compare to the rest of the country, so I don’t have any photos from there, but there are actually some really pretty buildings and parks in the city.

However, since I am obsessed with the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, I had to visit Manuel Antonio National Park (page seven ninety eight) while I was in the country (all of these pictures are from that day). Since the park is one of the smallest in Costa Rica, the number of visitors each day is limited, which leads to beautifully peaceful beaches that are on the edge of humid forests that are filled with monkeys high in the treetops. We saw three different species, which I know is amazingly lucky because our guide Jose kept telling us so. I had to go by myself on that excursion, but it was well worth it. Eco tourism are huge words for this naturally beautiful country, which makes me love it even more.

Photos are all personal photographs

There are tons of small hotels to stay at just outside the park, but if you are like me and are obsessed with real estate, visit www.latitude9.com to dream of your second home. Love the name of the real estate company!

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Amazing Photos of Earth

On Earth Day, I happened to watch a show on NASA TV and saw some beautiful images. The images are all taken from space and feature our earth. It was amazing listening to the descriptions of what we were actually seeing. Visit www.nasa.gov to read about these photos and see more!

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123 Washington Street

I did not even know this, but a new W hotel in downtown NYC will also have floors that are made for residents. Some are furnished, which is great to finish off the W look. There is a private rooftop lounge and a resident entrance, along with a media lounge and a fitness center. The building is located at 123 Washington St. (really downtown). Check out www.123washingtonstreet.com for more info. Perfect for people who love W hotels.

Photos via 123WashingtonStreet.com

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Hoi An

I know where I want to travel next!  Hoi An is a small city in Vietnam (I think I read that about 88,000 live there).  The city was an international shipping port in the 16th and 17th centuries and still shows a mix of foreign influences in the city’s protected Old Town.  The main reason I want to visit is because of all of the tailors.  Not only do they make made-to-measure clothing, but they make it so inexpensively.  I read an article way way back in a magazine where the woman tells of all of the clothes she had made in Hanoi, and ever since then, I have wanted to visit Vietnam.  I read an article last year on an airplane that tourism to Vietnam is booming, and with all the beautiful architecture and amazing prices on everything, I can see why.  Wikitravel has some suggestions for places to stay, eat, visit, and shop while in Hoi An, so there will be plenty to do while I wait for my clothes to be made!


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Desert Photo Shoot

On Friday, I went with my boyfriend to a replica of an 1880s mining town for a photo shoot of a poker player.  It was the perfect setting with the Red Rock mountains and a clear blue sky, similar colors to the art nouveau print below.  The day was a beautiful day for being in the sun and wondering around the ranch.  I took lots of video clips to make a behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot (I have never edited videos or anything really), so I will be sure to post my results.  I didn’t work on it over the weekend, but I was obsessed with analyzing everything from commercials to movies to see what makes a good video.  Happy Monday and St. Patrick’s Day to all!


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Take a look at Domino’s video that features the first lady of New York showing how the Executive Mansion is making changes to become more eco-friendly.  I do love the video’s topic, but this video also gives us a different look into Silda Wall Spitzer’s life.  It just makes her look more dimensional than the traditional boring media does.  I mean, they have a greenhouse for all of the greens that the mansion uses.  So eco.  Follow this link to the video and enjoy.

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