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For some weird reason, I have not received the past two issues of Domino in my mailbox…So, I was browsing their site and saw a mention of Horst photography, which sent me off on a search for more information on this iconic photographer.

Horst, born in Germany, began his career in 1931 in Paris and first became known for his fashion photographs in Vogue, which featured unique lighting and sculptural influences. In the 1960s, Horst began to create lifestyle portraits and interior photos in the United States for Vogue and House and Garden, many of which can be seen in the book Horst: Interiors by Barbara Plumb (currently available on amazon.com for $82.57). Also, the Staley Wise Gallery has a collection of Horst’s work for sale (price available upon request). These images below are just a few of my favorites from the site www.horstphorst.com. Enjoy!

Mainbocher Corset, 1939


Babe Paley, 1964

First Lady Mrs. Nixon

Yves Saint Laurent, 1986


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Wow. I noticed a lot of interest in my post from last fall of my Cartier cord bracelet, so I thought I should pass on this link to Fashion Week Daily. This is the third year for the cord bracelets and with that comes some changes. The main difference is price! This year the bracelet is $995, but it does come with two rings and $200 goes to charity. The color of the cord determines what charity the money goes to, which can make it hard if you feel strongly about a cause but don’t like the color. Anyway, eight musicians were chosen to be ambassadors this year and on June 19th, you can visit http://www.love.cartier.com and download the ambassadors’ favorite love songs. Fashion Week Daily explains this all much better than me, so make sure you check out their article.

Photo fashionweekdaily.com

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So I thought this style of photography called MethodIzaz was a little weird at first, but now I love it and think it is just brilliant. Izaz Rony, a photographer from Brooklyn, will take pictures of you or whomever that are shot like a paparazzi picture would be. You give your schedule and the desired mood of your photo, and then the photographer will photograph you without you knowing.  So everything comes out natural looking.

I read on Atlanta’s Daily Candy newsletter that Izaz Rony will be there for wedding season (lucky!). Visit www.methodizaz.com for more info.

All photos MethodIzaz

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Genius and Madness

Whenever I read my favorite blogs, I always become jealous because it seems that the blogger has such an organized, but at the same time, a very creative life.  They are often multi talented and involved in lots of different things and appear perfect.  I feel like I would be lucky if I was even able to be a part of one thing that is as cool as what they do.  However, reading this article from WebMD really helped me understand some things.  It explains that “artists are more likely to be self-reflective and to ruminate, to mull things over.”  I’ve always over analyzed myself and situations, and it is proving to be a hard habit to break.   I don’t consider myself an artist, but I do consider myself creative (or I use to be…).  I can never seem to find my place though, and I wind up being very bored because I punish myself and don’t do the things I enjoy, like posting here.  So then, I don’t create or do anything that is up to my standards.  It is all very difficult to describe, but I figured that I am not alone in feeling this way.  The article, titled Genius and Madness, says that artists are 10 times more likely to develop serious depression, so I encourage anyone who feels like me to read the full article here.  The article stresses persistence, so I am really really trying to commit myself to carrying out my ideas, because it has come to the point where I don’t feel creative anymore.  I know Jonathan Adler has been open about his struggles, and I hope everyone like me can continue to be inspired by people who are open about their creative lives.

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The Steampunk Look

Ooooh, look at what The Times wrote about today. Steampunk is “a subculture that is the aesthetic expression of a time-traveling fantasy world, one that embraces music, film, design and now fashion, all inspired by the extravagantly inventive age of dirigibles and steam locomotives, brass diving bells and jar-shaped protosubmarines.”

I have no interest in really dressing in steampunk fashion, but I would consider clothing that has touches of this look. Also, using the steampunk look in decor, to me, has a very World of Interiors look (which I already love!). Make sure you check out the the slide show as well as the full article on nytimes.com. I am all for the steampunk look because it has a formal, classic, and artistic feel vs. the goth/punk look that is so common here in Las Vegas. I’d rather see petticoats than chains any day. However, if that chain is attached to this accessory that contains fragrance (an Edwardian tradition of aristocrats), I am all for it.

Available at unicahome.com from DL & Co.

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photos from iWood

I first fell in love with iWood’s sunglasses about two years ago.  On my first attempt of blogging, I featured the sunglasses in a post.  My first comment ever was from someone who wrote that they were perfect if “you want to get caught in a giant butterfly net”.  Luckily I ignored that comment and my boyfriend bought me a pair for my birthday that year.  I still wear them everyday because I think that they are so cool that they don’t need a label.  In this world where so called luxury designers will put their name on everything, it is nice that these sunglasses just focus on the shapes and materials.  To me they are a luxury-eco design, individually made in the US, materials from Italy, hypoallergenic, and 100% UVA/UVB protection.  Get yours at www.iwooodecodesign.com.

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Another great find from the Today Show! I’ve seen Valerie Ramsey, a 68-year-old Ford model, featured before on television, but now, she has written a book titled Gracefully. Valerie offers advice for any age in the book, which is relevant for both men and women. Just look at her-she is so beautiful and graceful! Sounds like a good Mother’s Day gift to me. To purchase, visit amazon.com.

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