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I Spy Something Pretty

Shot from Lipstick Jungle

I wasn’t too sure how I was going to like the new show Lipstick Jungle, but I did like it! I especially loved the set decor and of course all the NYC settings (my most favorite was outside the school…I’m pretty sure it is St. Luke’s on Hudson.  I once went there for the filming of an independent movie, see below). I snapped the picture above to show what cute wallpaper was used. I look forward to watching the show so I can get my Manhattan fix all the way out here in the West. Did anybody else think the styling was pretty accurate?

We were extras in a wedding scene


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Design Inc.


I just discovered the television show Design Inc. on the Fine Living channel.  It follows interior designer Sarah Richardson and her team completely through one design project.  I love seeing the whole process and what goes on behind the scenes.  Apparently, the show is on the fourth season in Canada, so I feel so lucky that I can now watch it because I have always liked Sarah’s other shows (she is soooo talented!).  For show times and more information, check out www.designinc.ca.  You can see pictures from all four seasons, so it is a great place to go for inspiration.

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Colorful Americans


I have been obsessed with people’s decor, dress, and style ever since I can remember. My boyfriend and I went to see “American Gangster” during our weekly movie day and I managed to check out the decor all through the movie. Imagine my pride when my boyfriend whispered “they went shopping at Design Within Reach” because he recognized a table that we liked!

Anyway, to further my obsession, I found the Apartment Therapy and CB2 “I’ve Got Color” contest. It is full of pictures of people’s homes and their color philosophy. I love browsing through the pictures and getting ideas to use in my own home. Check out the each region’s best here, on Apartment Therapy’s website.




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Unique Halloween Costumes





It seems like every year, the trend of Halloween costumes is to be something “naughty”, so I thought the costumes at New Yorker Allison Sarofim’s  Surrealist Ball were really special.  The host dressed in a peacock outfit while some of the guests dressed as a chandelier, flowerbeds, and an autumn queen.  It is too late to copy these ideas this year, but maybe I can start planning for next year.  To view all of the pictures from the ball, visit society’s favorite party photographer Patrick McMullan’s website.

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On Sunday mornings, I love to lay in bed and watch the CBS Sunday Morning Show.  There are always interesting stories that I would never learn about if it was not for the show.  Yesterday, they had a segment celebrating magazine Harper’s Bazaar’s 140th birthday.  The magazine was first published in November of 1867 and soon became a cutting-edge publication known for ending the French’s monopoly of fashion magazines.  It is said the classic 1957 movie “Funny Face” is actually about Harper’s Bazaar (I adore that movie!).  Today, I think Harper’s Bazaar best asset is their beautiful covers.  Editor In Chief Glenda Bailey has a willingness to try new ideas, which has resulted in some very famous covers.   To view this story and the other stories from the show, visit their website here.


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Glamour Reel Moments


We are leaving for LA early this morning for a photo shoot for my boyfriend’s magazine. I’ve never been to California, so I’m looking forward to the drive. If I get bored during the shoot, I am going to watch this year’s Glamour Reel Moments. This is a project of Glamour magazine that takes women’s stories and has famous women direct the films. This year’s directors are Rita Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, and Kate Hudson. It is like going to the movies, but even more convenient. You can watch the films too at www.glamalert.com/reelmoments.

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Style Wars

Style Wars is a live competition created by the designers of House of Diehl.  During the tour to 5 cities (San Francisco, Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago) in October, eight designers who are prechosen will create original designs similar to House of Diehl’s own “Instant Couture”, all in a nightclub with a DJ in front of a live audience.  The winners from each city will then compete later in the fall in NYC.  If interested in being one of the competitors, you can get more information here.  If you aren’t interested in competing, Style Wars sounds like an unusual and fun night out, like a live version of “Project Runway”.

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