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My New Blog

This morning I created a new blog using Blogger.  I feel like I will be able to personalize my blog more than I can using WordPress.  Sometimes I just don’t understand WordPress….like when people link to one of my posts, but they don’t have my correct name.  It is very strange.  Anyway, the new site is www.jenniferjanesstylejournal.blogspot.com.  Hopefully I this new project will inspire me to post more often about the things that I enjoy and love!


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Design For Mankind

One of my new favorite blogs is Design For Mankind.  They have a category called “Roadmaps: A Guide to Creative Pursuit” which is very helpful.  It includes not only inspiration, but also has advice and information to give readers the motivation to live out their dreams.   So much fun!

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My Erte Arrives!

A few months back, I ordered an Erte print. I was sooo excited when it arrived, but the frame was wrong, so it had to be sent back and reframed. Now our living room is pretty much complete with my Erte girl. I just finished reading Barbara Walter’s memoir, and she told how Erte designed show costumes for her father’s nightclub. She now collects his sketches and has a whole wall of them. I would love to see a picture of that.

The ugliest frame known to man…

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