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So I thought this style of photography called MethodIzaz was a little weird at first, but now I love it and think it is just brilliant. Izaz Rony, a photographer from Brooklyn, will take pictures of you or whomever that are shot like a paparazzi picture would be. You give your schedule and the desired mood of your photo, and then the photographer will photograph you without you knowing.  So everything comes out natural looking.

I read on Atlanta’s Daily Candy newsletter that Izaz Rony will be there for wedding season (lucky!). Visit www.methodizaz.com for more info.

All photos MethodIzaz


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My obsession today is checking out www.quamut.com, a site that is “the go to how to”.  It gives you professionally written how-tos on all kinds of things.  So far I have been learning how to: read music, write a song, write beautiful calligraphy, quilt, start a nonprofit, use InDesign, and finally this Christmas, I will know how to properly wrap a present.  So helpful!

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Costa Rica

Ha-I went MIA for awhile (not sure anyone even noticed, but oh well). I went on a work/vacay trip with my boyfriend to Costa Rica for a poker tournament that was part of the Latin American Poker Tour. I did my usual thing and looked for creative inspiration everywhere. It wasn’t too hard to find. I read that the city of San Jose doesn’t compare to the rest of the country, so I don’t have any photos from there, but there are actually some really pretty buildings and parks in the city.

However, since I am obsessed with the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, I had to visit Manuel Antonio National Park (page seven ninety eight) while I was in the country (all of these pictures are from that day). Since the park is one of the smallest in Costa Rica, the number of visitors each day is limited, which leads to beautifully peaceful beaches that are on the edge of humid forests that are filled with monkeys high in the treetops. We saw three different species, which I know is amazingly lucky because our guide Jose kept telling us so. I had to go by myself on that excursion, but it was well worth it. Eco tourism are huge words for this naturally beautiful country, which makes me love it even more.

Photos are all personal photographs

There are tons of small hotels to stay at just outside the park, but if you are like me and are obsessed with real estate, visit www.latitude9.com to dream of your second home. Love the name of the real estate company!

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It seems like everyone I know (and that I like) loves the television show The Office.  I loved it even more when I found out that some of the writers are actually some of the stars.  Kelly Kapoor, played by writer/actress Mindy Kaling, is one of the only characters that even cares about fashion.  So, I thought it was so cute to find out that Mindy has a blog called Things I’ve Bought that I Love.  She hasn’t posted in over a month, but I loved reading through past posts-they are all so funny and I think a lot of girls can relate.  Check it out at www.thingsiboughtthatilove.com.

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Genius and Madness

Whenever I read my favorite blogs, I always become jealous because it seems that the blogger has such an organized, but at the same time, a very creative life.  They are often multi talented and involved in lots of different things and appear perfect.  I feel like I would be lucky if I was even able to be a part of one thing that is as cool as what they do.  However, reading this article from WebMD really helped me understand some things.  It explains that “artists are more likely to be self-reflective and to ruminate, to mull things over.”  I’ve always over analyzed myself and situations, and it is proving to be a hard habit to break.   I don’t consider myself an artist, but I do consider myself creative (or I use to be…).  I can never seem to find my place though, and I wind up being very bored because I punish myself and don’t do the things I enjoy, like posting here.  So then, I don’t create or do anything that is up to my standards.  It is all very difficult to describe, but I figured that I am not alone in feeling this way.  The article, titled Genius and Madness, says that artists are 10 times more likely to develop serious depression, so I encourage anyone who feels like me to read the full article here.  The article stresses persistence, so I am really really trying to commit myself to carrying out my ideas, because it has come to the point where I don’t feel creative anymore.  I know Jonathan Adler has been open about his struggles, and I hope everyone like me can continue to be inspired by people who are open about their creative lives.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

I read the best article in New York Magazine featuring Sarah Jessica Parker. She discussed so many things, but I was most interested in what she had to say about her West Village neighborhood. That is where we moved from right before we moved to Las Vegas, and everyday I miss it. It is as picturesque as it seems, but it was so annoying when you just wanted to go for a walk and you would see bus loads of Sex & the City fans stuffing their faces with cupcakes. I was so glad to read SJP’s thoughts about it and even that her husband jokingly blames her for the neighborhood’s change.

The article does a great job of showing a side of SJP that I had never thought about. I was not obsessed with her before like so many others, but now I do have a new respect for her. Read the complete article on www.nymag.com.

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The Steampunk Look

Ooooh, look at what The Times wrote about today. Steampunk is “a subculture that is the aesthetic expression of a time-traveling fantasy world, one that embraces music, film, design and now fashion, all inspired by the extravagantly inventive age of dirigibles and steam locomotives, brass diving bells and jar-shaped protosubmarines.”

I have no interest in really dressing in steampunk fashion, but I would consider clothing that has touches of this look. Also, using the steampunk look in decor, to me, has a very World of Interiors look (which I already love!). Make sure you check out the the slide show as well as the full article on nytimes.com. I am all for the steampunk look because it has a formal, classic, and artistic feel vs. the goth/punk look that is so common here in Las Vegas. I’d rather see petticoats than chains any day. However, if that chain is attached to this accessory that contains fragrance (an Edwardian tradition of aristocrats), I am all for it.

Available at unicahome.com from DL & Co.

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