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Another great find from the Today Show! I’ve seen Valerie Ramsey, a 68-year-old Ford model, featured before on television, but now, she has written a book titled Gracefully. Valerie offers advice for any age in the book, which is relevant for both men and women. Just look at her-she is so beautiful and graceful! Sounds like a good Mother’s Day gift to me. To purchase, visit amazon.com.


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Look at this cute shoe that the Today Show featured this morning.  From SWIMS, a company located in Norway, these shoes are meant to be worn over your shoes if you are wearing flats on a rainy day.  The shoes have so many great features, the coolest one being that it polishes your shoes while you wear them!  There are a few other colors, but I love this sunny yellow, which would look great paired with navy blue clothes.  I hated when it would rain in NYC (it is just plain gross), but this shoe gives you a cuter option than big old boots.  Get yours at www.swimsstore.com.

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Amazing Photos of Earth

On Earth Day, I happened to watch a show on NASA TV and saw some beautiful images. The images are all taken from space and feature our earth. It was amazing listening to the descriptions of what we were actually seeing. Visit www.nasa.gov to read about these photos and see more!

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What a treat! Today’s Daily Candy New York mentioned a wedding photographer, and so I clicked and viewed Heather Waraksa’s website and blog. I love her photos! The shots are all so personal and beautiful. On her blog, Heather also shows non-wedding photos, like the one below. Music plays as you view slide shows of the weddings Heather has photographed. Her site, www.heatherwaraksa.com, is a treat even if you are not planning a wedding. It will make you smile!

Photos by Heather Waraksa

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Why Dogs Love Manhattan

Photo from Winter 2007/08 issue of ModernDog

Last week, I finally figured out why New York City is so expensive.  The city has tons of dog parks!  I know it may sound silly, but having a dog park that you can walk to with your pooch is such a convenience.   I know this because I am not able to walk my dog Tinsley to a dog park.  All of her walks are on a leash, which doesn’t give her the chance to socialize with other dogs.  A park not too far from our neighborhood was just completed, but no dog park.  There are a few around town, but they would require a car ride (which with Tinsley is just not fun and isn’t eco-friendly).  Hopefully our master planned community will come to their senses soon and realize the quality of life a dog park can bring.  I use to watch dogs at Washington Sq. Park cause it looked like they were having so much fun.  It is nice and relaxing for owners just to sit and read while their dog plays.  Anyway, if you are fortunate enough to live in NYC, check out this tote.  No matter what side of town you and your dog end up, you can find a dog friendly park nearby.  There are two more versions for LA and Chicago and are available at the adorable site www.getitfromscratch.com.  While you are browsing, check out the eco tees for dogs.  The tees are made from recycled cotton waste and plastic bottles.   Now I know that dogs don’t need to be dressed up, but these tees are such a wise choice if you are trying to become more socially responsible and want to show it.

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123 Washington Street

I did not even know this, but a new W hotel in downtown NYC will also have floors that are made for residents. Some are furnished, which is great to finish off the W look. There is a private rooftop lounge and a resident entrance, along with a media lounge and a fitness center. The building is located at 123 Washington St. (really downtown). Check out www.123washingtonstreet.com for more info. Perfect for people who love W hotels.

Photos via 123WashingtonStreet.com

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Swing With The Plants

Photo from unicahome.com

Back in the fall when I bought a few ghost chairs, I purchased them from a store called Unica Home. The amazing and exciting thing is that at www.unicahome.com you can purchase thousands of products that are just so unique and cool. Because it is spring time, I am in love with this swing ($550) by Marcel Wanders. You can plant live vines in the seat to grow up the sides. How cool is this? I would have loved this when I was little and my grandpa would make swings for us when we visited. I still love it, but we have no yard (and there is not a lot of trees in the desert)…maybe it would be fun on the patio. I don’t even know how to hang a swing, but for this I would learn!

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