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Hostess Apparel


Image from Saks

After reading whowhatweardaily.com this morning, I was so curious about hostess pants (they showed the silk pair above from the line Elizabeth and James).  Apparently women wore hostess pants when entertaining at home starting in the 50s, then the pants became more casual with bright prints in the 60s and 70s.  I Googled hostess pants and found that women also wore hostess gowns, which were usually made of beautiful fabrics, reached the floor, and were often worn every night to the family dinner table.  I love love love the idea of these outfits since I spend so much time at home.  I don’t want to get dressed in something that I would wear out, but wearing pjs all day is not attractive or appealing either.  I think the patio dresses that are big this season are also a great style to wear around the house.  If someone stops by, you are not in your robe, but you are very comfortable.  Hostess clothes are a more stylish choice than the Juicy Couture track suits and add a bit of originality to your lounging wardrobe.  Just look how fabulous the Hostess Barbie below looks (available on Amazon).



 Images from Amazon


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Hoi An

I know where I want to travel next!  Hoi An is a small city in Vietnam (I think I read that about 88,000 live there).  The city was an international shipping port in the 16th and 17th centuries and still shows a mix of foreign influences in the city’s protected Old Town.  The main reason I want to visit is because of all of the tailors.  Not only do they make made-to-measure clothing, but they make it so inexpensively.  I read an article way way back in a magazine where the woman tells of all of the clothes she had made in Hanoi, and ever since then, I have wanted to visit Vietnam.  I read an article last year on an airplane that tourism to Vietnam is booming, and with all the beautiful architecture and amazing prices on everything, I can see why.  Wikitravel has some suggestions for places to stay, eat, visit, and shop while in Hoi An, so there will be plenty to do while I wait for my clothes to be made!


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Tennis Served Fresh

Since the weather has been pretty nice for the last couple of weeks, we’ve really tried to play tennis more.  We take our dog and she runs around in the court chasing balls, so it is pretty exciting for us all.  Since I just started playing last fall, I don’t have much tennis apparel.  While browsing the internet to see if some designer like Versace has some tennis clothes that I need to lust over, I found the blog Tennis Served Fresh.  They cover “fashion, technology, and other topics related to the world of professional tennis” and do it fantastically.  It is great that they specifically point out what players are wearing and show such up close pictures so that we can see details.   Such a good idea for a site.  I love it!

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Desert Photo Shoot

On Friday, I went with my boyfriend to a replica of an 1880s mining town for a photo shoot of a poker player.  It was the perfect setting with the Red Rock mountains and a clear blue sky, similar colors to the art nouveau print below.  The day was a beautiful day for being in the sun and wondering around the ranch.  I took lots of video clips to make a behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot (I have never edited videos or anything really), so I will be sure to post my results.  I didn’t work on it over the weekend, but I was obsessed with analyzing everything from commercials to movies to see what makes a good video.  Happy Monday and St. Patrick’s Day to all!


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Take a look at Domino’s video that features the first lady of New York showing how the Executive Mansion is making changes to become more eco-friendly.  I do love the video’s topic, but this video also gives us a different look into Silda Wall Spitzer’s life.  It just makes her look more dimensional than the traditional boring media does.  I mean, they have a greenhouse for all of the greens that the mansion uses.  So eco.  Follow this link to the video and enjoy.

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21 Movie Premiere

Last night, we were lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of the movie 21, which is based on the nonfiction book Bringing Down the House.  EXCITING!  I’d never been to a major studio premiere! Of course the hardest thing was picking out something to wear. I choose my Erin Fetherston dress that has layers of shades of purple, and I wore a necklace that was a vintage casino chip. I love dressing up!

Before the movie at the Planet Hollywood Casino, there was a small cocktail party with drinks, popcorn, and all kinds of candy bars and other treats that you find at the movies. The director introduced and brought on stage the cast, which includes Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, and Kate Bosworth (who all looked lovely). I enjoyed the movie, but of course it was not as good as the book. The after-party had great entertainment, like blackjack tables, a cool dance floor, lots of food, and acrobats that “dance” by using too long strips of fabric that are hung from the ceiling. It was a lot of fun, but I was disappointed by how bad a lot of the female guests were dressed and the fact that they just hovered at the velvet ropes and watched the Hollywood stars. It was a party! They should take advantage of it and actually party!


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I was so glad to read the spring BARNEYS BABBLES by Simon Doonan, where he suggests picking up a used copy of the book Color Me Beautiful.  I have owned a copy for several years, but did not find my season and follow the guidelines until this year.  I try to keep the suggestions in mind, but I don’t let it rule me.  It does help you to edit immediately when you are out shopping, and Doonan says the knowledge of your own season will help you navigate all of the colors and prints this season.  You can pick up a copy of Color Me Beautiful on Amazon and read the BARNEYS BABBLES on the Barneys site.  Perfect!

Images from barneys.com

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