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I just finished reading an article where Leslie Day, author of Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City, answered questions from readers that ranged from the Hudson freezing over to a hawk that lives on Fifth Avenue and is named Pale Male.  It is so interesting to learn about the nature in the city instead of the man made creations.  I think this book would make a great present for the so many people that love the city (HINT HINT to my boyfriend!).


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All photos Anthropologie.com

I know I’m not alone in loving Anthropologie, but sometimes I forget to keep up with what is in the store, but now you can take an escape by looking at their website.  Anthropologie.com has a slide show that is informative as well as showing their new products from the collection “Treasures of Africa”.  The special thing is the slide show.  You feel like you are viewing a friend’s pictures in an online album.  The pictures are beautiful and tell of the terrain and traditions that they encountered.  It makes me want to travel more!  You can take the trip on your lunch break by visiting this link on Anthropologie.com

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I feel like I am always on a quest to make my life better:  I want to be healthier, happier, smarter, and more eco-friendly.  With the Ayurveda Essence line of paint colors from AFM Safecoat, I can become healthier and happier at the same time.  AFM has always made safe paints and finishes for our homes so that we can avoid harmful fumes.  Now, they have created the Ayurveda Essence color system, which uses ideas from East Indian medicine.  Colors are put into a palettes that are skewed energetically to create balance and harmony.  It is exciting to know that these colors work together to balance our personality, more so than just knowing that blue and green calm us.  Check out AFM Safecoat’s website to find out which constitutional type (vata, pitta, or kapha) you are.  From there you can start on your healing color path!

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I just discovered this wonderful site today!  The mission of mydeco “is to make it easier and much more fun to make your home more you.”  They give you tons of ideas for inspiration, have tons of products for you to shop for, and 3D room planning tools that helps you see what your choices will look like.  You can join the community and get advice from other users and even buy a total look (mydeco is based in England, so I’m not so sure about shipping).  My favorite part is looking at the celebrities section, where you can see their rooms and also shop for products that will give you the same look.  You can even change your price range, and will be given less expensive options.  The living room above is Matthew Williamson’s, one of my favorite fashion designers.  There is also sections of hip hotels and famous interior designers so that you can shop for a similar look and get some great ideas.

The 3D designing of rooms is such a great idea and it lets someone like me, who has no training in drawing, design rooms and find my own style!

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When I heard earlier in the week that photographer Bert Stern had recreated “The Last Sitting” with Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe, I almost couldn’t believe it.  The original images were so beautiful (see below and this previous post) and now this project seems to me to be one of the best, most artful things that Lindsay Lohan has been a part of.  To read the article and view a slideshow of images, visit this link to the New York Magazine website.


All photographs by Bert Stern


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A Socialite’s Home

I cannot explain how excited I was to see Tinsley Mortimer, my favorite socialite thanks to socialiterank.com, in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I highly recommend buying the issue so that you can read the article about her and get the details of her decor and the article. Enjoy these photographs of her NYC apartment!


All photos by Douglas Friedman for Harper’s Bazaar

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The Cotton District

I often get weird looks when people ask me where I went to school and I reply Mississippi State University. They then say “For fashion?”. It might have been a poor choice for that major, but when I was younger, my mom and I found out about The Cotton District in a magazine article. When I saw that neighborhood, I knew I had to live there when I went to college. So, I did go to school there, and I did get to live in the Cotton District in an adorable lavender townhouse that had been refinished right before I moved in. I loved taking my dog for walks around the neighborhood, which is located between the university and the downtown area of the town.  I couldn’t help but to show all of these photos, but to see even more, visit www.thecottondistrict.net.

The developer of the area is Dan Camp, who is a very intimidating kind of guy, but I love him for creating the area (to get a sense of him, check out this article by The Town Paper). It gets its name from an old cotton mill which still stands today. Started in 1968, The Cotton District is a village of the cutest small scale architecture that I have ever seen. And the fact that he creates it for college students is just awesome.

Cool events are held in the neighborhood throughout the school year and now there is many retail, restaurant, and bar options for entertainment. Growth is continuing in the area and if you ever have the chance to visit this lovely college town, you will not regret it!


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