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1st Dibs


I am embarrassed to tell this because it seems like I would have known, but I just discovered the website 1st Dibs from Villa Anna’s blog.  It is an online flea market of really really fine antiques and vintage furniture and lighting.  I snapped a couple of pics just to show a few of their offerings.  It is hard to find stores with this much quality inventory, so it is nice for us that like to browse and learn about design;  AND, I love this message from 1st Dibs:

All pictures-1st Dibs

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Lovely Labyrinths

Image via Wikipedia

Yesterday while I was browsing, I came across the term labyrinth, which is similar to a maze, but only has one pathway through.  It has been used for centuries for meditation and you can find one near you (like the one above at Boston College) by checking out this Labyrinth Locator from The Labyrinth Society.I enjoyed finding out that the labyrinth has been symbolically represented everywhere, including architecture, pottery, currency, in literature, and in art.  Wikipedia says…

” Remarkable 20th-century examples include Piet Mondrian‘s Dam and Ocean (1915), Joan Miro‘s Labirynth (1923), Pablo Picasso‘s Minotauromachia (1935), M.C. Escher‘s Relativity (1953), Friedensreich Hundertwasser‘s Labyrinth (1957), Jean Dubuffet‘s Logological Cabinet (1970), Richard Long‘s Connemara sculpture (1971), Joe Tilson‘s Earth Maze (1975), Richard Fleischner‘s Chain Link Maze (1978), István Orosz‘s Atlantis Anamorphosis (2000), and Dmitry Rakov‘s Labyrinth (2003).”

Relativity by M.C. Escher

There are a number of labyrinth styles, and the Greek key is considered a form.  I love how this rug has a simple version of a labyrinth (I’m not crazy about the colors).  I think I will try to make a fabric print by drawing the labyrinth pattern with a bleach pen and show my results soon!

Image via therugs.com

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French Fashion Prints

Images via L’Officiel de la Couleur des Textiles et des
Industries de la Mode, No. 10

With the fashion shows getting under way in Paris, I wanted to share this book I bought for less than a dollar at an estate sale in Mississippi about two years ago. I thought it was some kind of coloring book, but after I got home, I noticed that it had color swatches in it, like a modern forecasting book would have. Most of the writing is in French, but a few pages are in English (I don’t know French). The book was published in 1949 for the Summer 1950 fashions. I believe the title is L’Officiel de la Couleur des Textiles et des Industries de la Mode, No. 10, and I think it was published by Societe des Editions de l’Officiel de la Couleur. The booklet was edited by Germaine Joumard, but when I look up this name, I found no information except for a book titled The Paintings of Nuclear Germaine Joumard, which was published in 1950.

Artificial flowers are mentioned in a section that tells of millinery returning to a feminine look, new textiles are discussed, and the influence of colors on fashion is mentioned and then shown in beautiful prints. Since someone has used my copy to play with, I plan on framing my favorite pages (which are about 14 x 10 inches). This limited edition printed booklet, in much better condition than mine, can be found on the internet for $100-$200.

It reminds me of an article Domino had in February 2007 which shows their favorite fashion illustrations. Fashion + Art = Beautiful!

Images via Domino

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Spring/Summer 2008 Colors


In college, one of my speeches for public speaking class was the process of fashion forecasting. I always like to look to Pantone for future colors, and this spring’s colors for FASHION+HOME look amazing. The colors list the Pantone number as well as CYMK numbers so that it is easier to use on computer programs and easier to match at mills, etc. Many businesses and designers purchase a forecasting kit before the season so that their designs can be on track with the industry, but if you are like me, you can wait until the colors are available for free on the internet and use it as a guide for whatever you are making, shopping for, or designing (such as a blog!).

Images via Pantone

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Picture Perfect Pets


Yesterday I was browsing through our local newspaper and noticed this really cute photo on the “Pets of the Week” section. The dog’s name is Kirby and it is one of twenty nationwide finalists in a Firedog photo contest sponsored by Kodak and Circuit City. What really captured my heart was that if Kirby wins, a local no-kill animal shelter here in Las Vegas named NSPCA will be awarded a donation of over $100,000. We love the NSPCA because that is where we adopted our dog Tinsley. The NSPCA does a lot of work locally to help improve animal’s lives and is a great organization. So, I encourage everyone to check out the site www.firedogkodakcontest.com and if one of the finalists is in your area, vote for them. If there is not one close to you though, please vote for Kirby so that our shelter can work more magic!

Image via http://www.firedogkodakcontest.com 

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More Work In Progress


My mom called me yesterday wanting to know what our new dining set looked like, so I thought a picture would do better.  So far we are loving it.  It is nice to have a stable table (like my rhyme?) and lots of space to spread out.  We get three chairs apiece!

I also wanted to show my office area, which is still a work in progress.  The space seemed small when we moved in.  Even in the model home, they didn’t make the space very appealing (there was green laid down so you could practice golf putting).  I eventually want to add two French doors to separate the space, a faux fireplace on one side, a small chair and stool (which I already have, I just need to recover them), and then book shelves on the other side.  But for right now I love being surrounded my some of my favorite estate sale finds (the silk sari that is used as a curtain-$5, the mirrored wastebasket-$1, a pretty paperweight-$6, and the old store ticket rack that holds my favorite inspiration cards and papers-around $15).  Also, a lot of the objects are special because I made them, like the pottery pieces and the painted plate.  Others are pictures that I picked out at an art festival in 7th grade.  I like having a space that is all mine and not cluttered.  Also, taking pictures helps me figure out what doesn’t exactly work in the room, like the watercolor that is hung too high and the desk that is a little too far to the right!


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Work In Progress


This weekend, we visited a small estate sale in Las Vegas and ended up buying a mid century dining set, complete with a huge table, six chairs, and a two piece hutch.  So, to make room, this purchase really sent me into decorating mode.  My boyfriend, who works from home, was using a small desk from Ikea, which looked totally out of place in his office.  So, I converted the old Queen Anne style dining table into a desk for him by raising one leaf.  His dad had given us lots of framed pictures and unique objects when we moved, so I went to work trying to coordinate those with other objects that I had.  I’ve seen the blanket on the couch in several magazines throughout the years, which is so cool because my mom has had it longer than me.  I bought two wood-looking lamps at an estate sale last summer, so I thought those went with everything else in our retro/desert/manly office.  I also threw a vintage table cloth over a set of plastic drawers (I bought the table cloth 3 years ago for a few dollars).  The rug is one my boyfriend has used throughout the years and I think it ties the room together.  I still have ideas for the space, which includes curtains, hanging a few more things, and adding a wall of floor to ceiling shelves.  We are really proud though how the room came together in a weekend by just looking around the house and garage and pulling objects that would work.  I know we are told not to make impulse purchases, but I think it has worked out great for us.  Every time I go to an estate sale, if something speaks to me, I buy it.  Usually these objects become my favorites and really helps me to understand my style.

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