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07 Memories

I’ve been putting off writing because over a week ago, my boyfriend brought home a beautiful bouquet of pink peonies. It is almost winter! Peonies have long been my favorite flower since I was young and my grandmother had a bush in her front flowerbed. Everyday after school, I would visit my grandparents and pick flowers and then go home to experiment with different bouquets (my mom once said our home looked like a funeral parlor). The peonies didn’t need any other flowers with them because they are gorgeous alone. Well, I cannot find the card reader that sends my digital pics to the internet, so I have no pictures yet.

This time of year, I am always thinking back over the previous year and about the fun times I had. My highlights this year are so many, that I often forget just how lucky I am. Every week I feel I have been busy doing something exciting. Last year, we spent New Year’s Eve in Savannah, GA, which was a day after arriving back from a Christmas trip in Rome with my boyfriend’s family. After the first, we packed and I drove a moving truck all by myself from Atlanta to Long Island. We finally got moved into our little apartment in the city and started exploring. At the end of January, we drove down to Atlantic City and stayed at the beautiful Borgata. We spent Valentine’s Day in Washington D.C. and then I rode the train for a visit to my family in Mississippi. I had the romantic envision of what traveling by train would be like, but it didn’t work out quiet as nicely. While still winter, we were able to go upstate a little and stay at a weekend home of my boyfriend’s family friends. That was one of my favorite trips. We spent the spring exploring the city and went on a tour of homes in Brooklyn. We made a small trip to Atlanta during the the Final Four for a magazine release party. In early May, we both traveled to Mississippi for the gorgeous wedding of one of my best friends. Once winter was FINALLY over and we decided to move, I had to visit the Hamptons. Then we visited Las Vegas later in the summer. While still on the east coast, we visited areas such as The Bronx, Harlem, and the countryside of Connecticut. Then our journey across the country began. Everyday was so different and more beautiful than the day before. After visiting London in September, we have tried to settle into our home more by going on day trips to the desert and visiting the strip occasionally. We actually stayed home for Thanksgiving! As this year goes by, I am so glad I have pictures to remember the small moments. Here a just a few of my favorites-me at Ceasear’s Palace, a covered bridge in Connecticut, and our block in the city at the beginning of spring. I never dreamed I could be this lucky.





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Sweetpea & Willow


This morning, I discovered the site of Sweetpea & Willow, an online boutique that sells French style furniture and decor.  I love how light everything is from this London store, and I also like their Sweetpea Exclusive Range.  So pretty!

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Bergdorf’s Windows (again)






I posted some of the holiday windows earlier, but now I see that on the Bergdorf Goodman website, you can view really good pictures of the windows.  The themes of the windows are earth, air, fire, ocean, light, and water.  Click here to view the site so that you can see the details (so much going on in each window!).

Also check out this link that goes directly to the Kelly Wearstler boutique.


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Design Inc.


I just discovered the television show Design Inc. on the Fine Living channel.  It follows interior designer Sarah Richardson and her team completely through one design project.  I love seeing the whole process and what goes on behind the scenes.  Apparently, the show is on the fourth season in Canada, so I feel so lucky that I can now watch it because I have always liked Sarah’s other shows (she is soooo talented!).  For show times and more information, check out www.designinc.ca.  You can see pictures from all four seasons, so it is a great place to go for inspiration.

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I’ve shopped in the Urban Outfitters stores before and liked their home items, but I was surprised when I looked on the website and found the large selection of the furniture that they sell.  There are so many more items available online and the prices are pretty inexpensive.  Lately, I have been into classic prints like houndstooth as well as classic materials, such as flocked pieces (like the settee pictured) and velvet and silk (they have headboards in both).  The pillows look like something you would find in an expensive boutique and the rugs are printed with unique designs.  I love how our retail environment is changing and stores like Urban Outfitters are appealing to all different tastes.  Happy shopping at www.urbanoutfitters.com!






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