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I happened to see some pictures from this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and I loved the costuming. One of the themes that seems especially popular this year is “Surreally Sexy” (it uses surreal concepts). All of the themes have extravagant costumes that can be seen December 4th, on CBS at 10/9 central. I found this photo of Heidi and a link to a behind the scenes video on YouTube on the site www.femalefirst.co.uk. Who knew lingerie could be so theatrical?


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My New Favorite Blog


I’ve always loved learning about people’s lives and I think blogs are a great indulgence. I love looking at some of my favorite ones and then clicking on their favorite blogs and then clicking on others. Before I know it, I’ve spent hours on the internet looking at fun and beautiful things and unique people. Today, I found the blog My Marrakesh and I just love it! It is written by a woman named Maryam who is living in Morocco. She is a human rights specialist, but also is an editor, writer, and personal shopper. Her blog shows wonderful bits of the culture in Marrakesh and shows and describes beautiful design that makes me want to visit that part of the world. Maryam lists some of her favorite posts and you have to check out the designs for her home and guest house. AND, she has peacocks in their garden! What could be more lovely?

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Green Furniture






Yesterday, after seeing the New York edition of Daily Candy, I fell in love with Margaret Elman and her latest collection from Chair Couture of vintage pieces of furniture covered in fabrics she designed (there is also a set of drapes).  The fabric is made from recycled polyester and organic cotton and depicts beautiful outdoor images, like dandelions, blades of grass, and water ripples.  You can view the Green Collection and the Original Collection at www.chaircouture.com.

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Ever since I wrote the post about the history of Harper’s Bazaar, I have been interested in their cover art. This month, they are having a contest that you can enter in at their site here. The prize is a limited-edition of the December issue with CRYSTALLIZED™ –Swarovski Elements. Such a pretty collector’s item!

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The day before Thanksgiving, we finally adopted a dog!  We have renamed our miniature schnauzer Tinsley (after the famous socialite) and have been having fun getting to know her.  Everyday, she is becoming more comfortable and does cute things that make having a dog a joy!

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Last night, I discovered the perfect online activity for people like me. On the website www.polyvore.com, you can create inspiration boards using products and pictures that other people have uploaded or you can use your own. This is great for anyone who is creative and wants to organize their creative thoughts. Also, a link telling the brand of the product is available, making this a great tool for stylists. I made the two above really quickly and cannot wait to use my own pictures. Also, looking around at other’s work is really inspiring. Have fun and send me links to your work if you try it out!

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I love looking at window displays, especially in New York City. They make more statements than just show clothes. Bergdorf’s has unveiled their windows and just from the pictures, I can tell I like them. This year, they are paying homage to the late Tony Duquette, an American interior, costume, and jewelry designer. I’ve never heard of Duquette and found some information on him at www.fashionweekdaily.com. Tony Duquette is being honored in a book, Tony Duquette, which sounds like a beautiful book. Duquette is known for bringing style to the homes of the Duchess of Windsor and Elizabeth Arden. He earned a Tony Award for his costume designs in the original Camelot. The theme of the windows is The Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Light and depicts Duquette’s over-the-top style. I can’t wait to visit these in person!To view more pictures from the book’s reception, visit Patrick McMullan’s site.

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